About Our Company

What is Wohoo about?

By now you are familiar with this situation. You have a party to attend to later in the evening. While shopping online, you find a dress that you really like. The only problem is that you need the dress tonight and the online store can ship it to your house in 3 days. That is too long! Well, Wohoo.in is here to solve this quandary with same-day delivery.

 How it works

You follow two steps when you order off of Wishnu.

 Step 1

Go to www.wishnu.shop you’ll be amazed by the almost unlimited selection and variety of Men’s, kid’s, and Women’s clothing and accessories. The images show the products as they really are, and you can easily place an order online.

 Step 2

Your product(s) will be delivered within 7 hours of you placing the order.

 Why Wishnu?

Wishnu app is an online shopping platform. We procure fashionable clothing and accessories for men, kids, and women from all corners of the world. Our goal is to provide you with the most diverse selection of clothing and accessories ever made. If something exists in terms of men’s, kid’s, and women’s wear, you’ll find it at Wohoo.in’s an online store! We also guarantee quality in terms of the products that we sell!

 What really makes us stand out from the competitors is our guarantee of same-day delivery! Gone are the days when you had to stand in line for hours to buy the latest in women’s skirts or men’s polo shirts! You can buy something at midnight from our site and have it to wear to the office the next day! We’re that good!

Of course, we sell quality and fashionable products for much less than the competition!

What you’ll get by shopping with us